Our Work

Recent accomplishments

SOCIAL RIDES / CABA advisor Pamela Murray has led and continues to lead a weekly social ride, bringing those both new and old to cycling to the streets together

• TAKE CABA TO THE COMMUNITY / CABA has worked with various partner organizations to put on bike clinics for kids in the community, educating and empowering our youth with the confidence and knowledge to ride safely

• ECONOMIC IMPACT / CABA performed a greenway user survey and count in October 2012 in order to learn more about its users, their behaviors, and the economic impact of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in Charlotte

2013 Priorities

• TAKE CABA TO THE COMMUNITY / Continue to work with partner organizations on bike clinics with the aim of developing a consistent and repeatable clinic framework, training new volunteers to lead sessions. Reach out beyond students to learn what community clinics, training sessions, or discussions CABA could help facilitate in order to promote cycling as more accessible to everybody.

• OPEN STREETS EVENT FOR 2013 / Work with community, business, and city partners to create an inaugural open streets event in Charlotte, similar to Ciclovia or Open Streets events in other cities.

• ECONOMIC IMPACT / Continue to measure economic impact of bicycle infrastructure in order to promote bicycle projects to elected officials, educate cyclists and non-cyclists on the benefits of bicycle friendly communities, and gain feedback on the infrastructure already in place. Increase geographic scope of survey project.