Priorities for July 2012 – February 2013

Our goal is to complete and exceed the below priorities by February of 2013. We are building task forces to work on each priority and the first step is to hear from you on what you would like to be involved with, what skills or detail you can bring to this committee, a phone number or email to get this started quickly!

Many ways to respond:
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Take CABA to the Community

To develop a plan, curriculum and list of events to put CABA in specific outreach to expand the network of current and potential cyclist that are knowledgeable of CABA.

An Education Program
CABA Ride Series focusing social rides and events
CABA Event Calendar of events that CABA will be in present with tent and collateral

Open Streets Event for 2013

To start researching logistics, partners and needs to host event in April of 2013.

Economic Impact

A goal to educated elected officials and the general public about the economic benefits of bicycle infrastructure.

Charlotte B-Cycle Involvement

To develop a plan with Dianna Ward of Charlotte B-Cycle to help educate, advocate and promote the new bicycle share program called B-Cycle.

Increase Exposure of CABA

A small team of volunteers to think of specific out of the box ideas to promote CABA in areas that may be overlooked.

Permanent bicycle mechanics stand and tools at greenway trailheads

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