I [bike] CLT T-shirts are here!

I [bike] CLT T-shirts are here!

As mentioned in our most recent email newsletter (sign up at charlottebikes.org), our T-shirts are here and ready to be worn! We’ve got a variety of colors and sizes available and are excited for everyone to flaunt these in public.

The T-shirts will be available for purchase at various events for $10. If you become a member ($25 annual membership), you can get your shirt for just $5.

We’ll be updating our Facebook and Twitter pages with places/times you can buy the shirts. This month, you can get them at the following places and times:

Let us know what you think of the shirts, and we hope to see one on you soon!

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3 Comments on "I [bike] CLT T-shirts are here!"

  • Leah says

    Is it too late to get 1 of these shirts?

    • hth3 says

      We can definitely get you a shirt! Let me know where to send it, and we’ll work out payment. Email me at horacetholmes@gmail.com.


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