“Complete the Streets” bill 

A new federal transportation authorization bill will include a measure for the safe accommodation of all users, including bicyclists and pedestrians, in federally funded street projects. The bill directs the U.S. Secretary of Transportation to create national standards for the safe accommodation of all road users. The bill is now awaiting passage of the full Fiscal Year 2012 budget. Charlotte has been ahead of the curve with its own version – the ”Urban Street Design Guidelines” -(passed by City Council with strong CABA …

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In and around Charlotte

Cycle Track in Uptown - maybe. We hear that a consultant contract is being negotiated to study the feasibility of Charlotte’s first  two-way   “cycletrack” along 3d Street from the new Little Sugar Creek Greenway and CPCC thru Uptown to Irwin Creek Greenway. 
 ”Bike Share” update  -   CABA has been informed that discussions are taking place for outside vendors and sponsors for a bike share program on or before the DNC convention in Sept. 2012 but nothing is firm as yet. More news upcoming. Stay …

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Words to the wise

cartoon by Kevin Siers, Charlotte Observer. Click on cartoon to read text

 Check out this excerpt from a memo sent by the TriMet transportation agency to its regional partners in ( you guessed it) Portland Oregon, and we quote:

” Avoid calling walking bicycling, and transit “alternative modes”. They are used by almost everyone to promote health, save money, avoid congestion, and reduce oil dependence. INSTEAD SIMPLY SAY “walking, bicycling and transit.”

Sounds obvious doesn’t it ? Well, in auto addicted …

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There’s more to go, folks

Squirt some lube on your chain guard….and join CABA at these events >

Pimp My Rack: Friday, May 20th, 5-10 pm

A public art exhibition with six local artists painting custom designed racks in person, on May 20th during the gallery crawl and All Arts Market.  The ‘racks’ are the new NoDa custom-designed and -built bike racks created with funds from the Neighborhood Energy Challenge grant.  Watch artists in action, and vote on your favorite bike rack.  Sponsored by New Belgium Brewery.  Stop by for a FREE BEER and register for …

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Charges rendered against driver

Cyclist’s death. Ten years in prison. Last month, the man who drove into a pack of 15 cyclists was charged with reckless homicide, which brings a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a mandatory five-year revocation of his driver’s licensae. After months of working with Charleston attorney Peter Wilborn of mybikelaw, a verdict was finally reached. Peter works in tandem with Charlotte attorney and CABA member Ann Groninger. He was guest speaker at the CABA annual picnic a few years ago.

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150 Cyclists en Masse

And yes, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is a bicycle advocate. Excerpts from an interview with Ms. Giffords during her re-election campaign posted on the Tucson Velo website:

…”when her friend Chris Nakamura was killed by a motorist who received only a citation for the crash, it was a huge realization that the laws needed to change. When she was in the state legislature she worked to make the penalties stiffer for hitting a cyclist….Giffords says bicycling is a critical part of urban infrastructure. She …

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Takes less than 5 minutes to finish

NC Dept. of Transportation  wants citizen feedback in Charlotte and vicinity on bicycle andpedestrian safety issues. It .The results will be used later this year to help determine the public’s support for future investment in the state’s bicycle and pedestrian network. This is the first time we recall State government getting out there and asking what people’s needs and concerns really are.

CLICK: Survey. Do your part to advance the bike /ped. agenda.You are encouraged to circulate the survey to …

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In and around Charlotte

Dateline: Observer, October 23 – Editor Mary Newsom comments on Envision Charlotte (campaign by business leadership to drastically reduce energy use in Uptown buldings by 2016 -”After all, “sustainable” – a word I’m coming to dislike for its fuzzy applicability to almost everything – means more than electrical use. What about the carbon footprint of the people who drive daily into uptown? ..I asked Duke Energy’s Charles Pfeiler, who spoke Wednesday, whether the Envision:Charlotte initiative would focus …

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A one-time funding appeal

Dear members and friends: At no time since CABA’s founding in 1998 has there been such a compelling moment to advance our agenda. That is why CABA is embarking on not just one, but TWO new campaigns ~ ~

CAMPAIGN #1 – Now is the time to ramp up our bicycling safety and education efforts

Yes, voters just approved a doubling of the bike budget to $2 million. CABA worked very hard with the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and other interests …

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Struck by auto at S.Caldwell intersection

Thanks to Weldon Weaver and Matt and Kent at 36th St Racing for this info:

Excerpts from Weldon’s CharlotteVelo website:  ”Advocate and bicycle racer Arleigh Jenkins was involved in a bicycle-automobile collision.  Arleigh received non-life threatening injuries and was taken to CMC via ambulance.  The accident occurred as she traveled north on S. Caldwell Street through the 3rd Street intersection….A new version of the Police Report was released this morning 10.10.10.  The driver’s statement has been changed; His new statement that the …

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